Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturiser Review

Big news – after years of searching for the perfect product for my spot prone oily skin I think I have FINALLY found it! Since a teenager I’ve suffered with hormonal acne breakouts and blackheads, trying nearly every product you can think of to combat them. Whilst some products did seem to work for the spots, I couldn’t find anything that actually managed to get rid of my stubborn blackheads until I discovered the Mario Badescu oil free moisturiser.

The Low Down

The bottle isn’t that large at 59ml, however a little bit goes a long way. The moisturiser is SPF 30, meaning it does have a thick suncream consistency and smell, but it soon dries off once you’ve applied it. I was worried about my skin feeling oily after application but after leaving it a few minutes to absorb fully my skin was left feeling fresh and awake! Some of the main ingredients are:

Glycerin – hydrates your skin and acts as barrier, working well for oily skin types.

St John’s wort – soothes and repairs delicate skin.

Green tea extract – a powerful antioxidant giving protection against environmental pollutants, UV radiation and premature ageing of the skin.

Aloe Vera – hydrates and softens the skin.

The product itself is dispensed through a ‘flip out’ style nozzle applicator, which can actually be a bit of a disadvantage at times, because product gets stuck in the applicator and dries out, meaning that when you squeeze some product out upon next application you get some of the left over hard residue come out.

The Results

Suffering from very oily skin I’ve always been scared of wearing moisturiser daily, as I’ve never really found one that agreed with my skin. However I thought I’d give this one a shot, and for the FIRST time ever used a moisturiser every morning and night for a month. I wasn’t expecting much but the results shocked me. The blackheads which I’ve had for over 15 years and haven’t been able to get rid off had completely disappeared! My skin was glowing and I felt confident for the first time to leave my house makeup free. Not only did it leave my skin spot and blackhead free, but I was also left is super soft glowing skin. The only downside I found to the moisturiser was that if I wore it under makeup then my foundation didn’t last as long. This was a slight inconvenience but it was nothing some blotting paper and a bit of powder couldn’t fix, it was definitely worth it for the results I was getting!

During the month I had university’s exams I became so stressed that I let my skincare regime slip and forgot to apply for moisturiser for a few weeks. Low and behold the dreaded blackheads returned, so you have to be consistent with the moisturiser to make sure they don’t reappear. Overall I can finally say that I’ve found my holy grail product! Although a little pricey at £25 a bottle it’s worth every penny in my opinion. If you want to try it for yourself you can purchase it here.

What’s your holy grail product?


Staying Safe in Summer 

If your anywhere near as pale as me then you’ve probably had your fair share of sunburn. As I’ve grown older I’ve realised how important it is to look after you skin, and that ‘bright red lobster’ look is definitely not ok. Whether your a beach bum, or just enjoy soaking up the lovely British sun (on the rare days we get it), follow my tips to stay protected and keep your skin on top form!


Check Your Rays

Most people buy suncream only in regards to the level of SPF it contains, however it is important to also check if it protects against UVA and UVB rays. Not all suncreams protect against UVB rays, which can also cause skin cancer. So to make sure your protected get a suncream that covers both.


Don’t Get Star Struck

Only recently I discovered that two suncreams with the same SPF may not have the same protection level. All suncreams should have a UVA star rating on the back, however two suncreams of the same SPF level may have very different UVA star ratings. Some well known brands have been shown to have a lower UVA star rating than supermarket own brands so it’s important to check the back of the bottle before you buy!


Scorching Scalp

One problem I have always faced on holiday due to my fair skin is getting a sunburnt scalp. This issue is easily avoided by wearing a hat, but if you’re like me and prefer to show off your beachy waves then you may end up with a seriously sore head. I’ve always suffered with this issue on holiday, until recently when I discovered Malibu Clear Hair and Scalp Protector SPF50. At only £4.99 it’s an absolute steal, and I will no longer have to suffer from my sore scalp on holiday! A few sprays on your hair parting and your all set to go and enjoy the sun safely.


Acne Aggro

Most conventional sun creams don’t suit acne prone skin, and can cause breakouts which is the last thing you want when you’re on holiday! However suncreams are evolving from their thick, white, pore clogging past and there are now many ranges that offer lightweight non-comedogenic suncreams which will leave your skin feeling fab. One of my favourites is La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 60, which contains perlite silica to absorb oil throughout the day, keeping your skin fresh and matte; it also works brilliantly under foundation. In addition it is also important to use a good cleanser to remove all sunscreen residue every night regardless of whether they’re are non-comedogenic or not.


Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. 

You can’t undo damage, but you can assist your skins repairing process by stepping up your after sun care. Being in the sun can dehydrate you, but products that contain Aloe Vera are perfect to help rehydrate your skin after sun exposure, and soothe any sun burn that may have occurred. It’s important to reapply products up to three times a day because not only does this help your skin retain its integrity and moisture, but also helps prevent the dreaded skin peeling. After-sun should be an essential part essential part of your sun care routine as it delivers antioxidants which help combat free radicals that are caused from UV exposure, and will also help your tan to last longer. Malibu Ultra Hydration Lotion is a moisturiser as well as an after-sun lotion so it’s well worth purchasing to keep your skin looking as good as ever after you’ve been in the sun!

Just because you want to be a bronzed goddess does not mean you should permanent damage your skin in the process. Sun exposure causes premature aging and many well known celebrities, such as Madonna, will not leave the house without slapping on the SPF. The best way to stop photoaging is prevention, and the best anti-aging cream is SPF moisturiser! So if you want to remain youthful, then be proactive with your sun care routine and reach for bottle of Fake Bake instead.

What’s your favourite tips to stay safe in the sun?


Korean BB Creams – Are they worth the hype? 

Bb creams may have been a recent development in the western beauty industry, but in South Korea these wonder creams have been around for decades.
Bb creams revolutionised the makeup industry when they were first brought out, and the marrying of skin care benefits and makeup proved a great success. Having the benefits of a moisturiser, anti-ageing cream, SPF, primer and foundation all in one allowed makeup addicts young and old alike to save money and buy one product instead of 5 different products.

This all sounds amazing right? Well on personal experiences I never found a BB cream that was perfect for me. Either the coverage was too light for my spot prone skin, it didn’t last all day, or the colour was too orange. I had given up on UK drugstore BB creams for a while until I read about Korean BB creams.

After some research I purchased Lioele – Triple the Solution BB Cream, and I have never adored a BB cream as much as this one!


It comes in a long, pink and white tube with a pump dispenser. The pump is brilliant because not only is it hygienic, but the lid allowed you stand the tube upside down so all the product moves down to the pump so you can get the most out of it. I’ve found most UK BB creams come in the standard size of 30ml, however Lioele Triple the Solution comes in 50ml, so you get more product.


I found that this was BB cream easier to apply with my fingers, rather than using a brush or beauty blender. It blended really well and did a great job at hiding my pores. On the first application it is a medium coverage, but a great thing about this BB cream is that you can layer it up, and apply another layer to give a full coverage look. A small amount of product goes a long way, and I found one pump was sometimes too much for one facial application. My skin tends to be oily, but I do get occasional dry patches, and this BB cream did not cling to them like some of my other foundations do. One down side to Lioele Triple the Solution is that it only comes in one colour, so it’s not suitable for everyone.

Left to right: Mac NC15, Mac NC20, Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Lasting Power

With all other BB creams I’ve tried, the lasting power was a big disadvantage for me. I have very oily skin and found that the BB creams I have previously purchased from UK brands seemed to go patchy after a few hours, but I was pleasantly surprised that Lioele Triple the Solution had far superior staying power. For a BB cream I was really impressed with how long it lasted, and I only needed to touch it up once in 7 hours, where as with the other BB creams I was blotting excess oil every hour or so.

The Benefits

Lioele Triple the Solution boasts to ‘make your skin moist as yoghurt’, which is something I’ve definitely not heard before, and has ‘hyaluronic acid supply moisture and nutrition’. I think with this statement there was a slight translation error as you can see the statement doesn’t sound right, but my skin certainly does feel more moisturised after wearing this BB cream. The Triple benefits it contains are anti-wrinkle, whitening, and SPF 30. I was a bit concerned about the whitening benefit at first, but this is not a product that bleaches your skin or makes it lighter. The whitening refers to how the hyaluronic acid and tangerine extracts helps to fade acne scars to give you an all over even skin tone. I did not notice any change in my skin tone, but the SPF in this BB cream did work perfectly and protected my skin.

So what is my parting view on this product?

Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream is a winner for me! It’s constancy is far superior too any UK makeup brand BB cream I have tried so far, and it is also better than some high end foundations I have tried too. The only bad thing about this product is it’s availability in the UK; I found it difficult to get, and purchased it via amazon for £22.00. Buying this BB cream has opened me up to trying makeup products from the Asian market. I always presumed that makeup from Asian would be lower quality compared to western brands but oh how I was wrong! Next on my list to try is the Korean IOPE XP Air Cushion, which is a BB cream in a compact form, with claims that one sells every 30 seconds in Asia. Can’t wait to try it and see how it lives up to Lioele Triple the Solution! If you’d like to try it out for yourself you can purchase it here.

Have you found a BB cream that you love?