Review: liner.designer by beautyblender

I first saw liner.designer on a video posted by Camila Bravo, a makeup artist who I follow on Instagram @kamilabravo. Her eye makeup turned out amazing using this tool, and her eyeliner was perfect. As someone who has always struggled to get perfect eyeliner I purchased liner.designer straight away for £14 from Cult Beauty with high expectations.


It came packaged in a plastic case, which contained a compact with 5x magnifying mirror, a suction cup which sticks to the compact so you can position it wherever you want, and the liner.designer itself. Additionally you received a small booklet telling you how to create certain looks.

I was so exciting to receive liner.designer after reading some of its boasts on the beautyblender website, one stating that ‘It’s now easy to achieve your favourite eyeliner styles with ease and makes applying liner effortless‘. I followed the instructions to rub the liner.designer in my hands for 15-20 seconds to warm it up so it would stick to your face. Initially it did stick but would fall off frequently much to my discontent. However I looked past this flaw and went on to try it out.

The result? The worst eyeliner I have ever done on myself. I sat there for 20 minutes trying out different ways to do my eyeliner, using this tool at different angles and placements, but I still could not get on with it. I don’t see myself as someone who is amazing at doing eyeliner, but my free hand eyeliner was considerable better than any of the attempts using liner.designer.

Overall I was so disappointed with this product, I had very high expectations and was so to say liner.designer did not meet them! Neater eyeliner can be achieved using masking tape, which is considerably cheaper than the liner.designer and a lot better in my opinion. This product reminds me of a guitar pick, which cost around £1, so maybe if you do want to try this product out then you can use a guitar pick as a cheaper option, which I have seen many MUAs on Instagram do so. I’m sad to say liner.designer will probably be thrown to the back of my drawer and never used again. If you want to make your own mind up about liner.designer you can purchase it here.

Have you ever used this product? Would love to know how you got on with it! 


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