Welcome to inside the makeup box. With the ‘new year, new me’ saying being flung around on social media all of January I decided that it was time to have a refresh and start a new blog. After a stressful year at university I neglected my last blog, and eventually stopped posting all together. However I feel that 2017 is the year I get into gear and continue with my once loved hobby.

So who am I? I’m Laura, a 22 year old university student, with a keen interest for makeup, beauty products and all things related. My friends see me as a makeup hoarder, but clearly they’re just weird because I mean who doesn’t want every naked palette ever made?! I created my last blog because I found that I was the ‘go to girl’ whenever one of my friends had a makeup question or needed some advice. I decided to start documenting my thoughts regarding products I had purchased, hopefully helping others who where interested in purchasing the said product or just wanted to hear my opinion.

Inside the makeup box will be different to my last bog in that in will host honest beauty reviews but also include lifestyle, food everything in between! So new year, new me, new blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Laura x


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